Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Perfect Hero

Our own Aline de Chevigny got the most gorgeous cover. It is almost as good as Blood Red. Or maybe it is as good as it.

To see what the story is about, click here. The Perfect Hero will be available at Red Rose Publishing.
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Monday, June 25, 2007

I know, I know, I'm late

Getting ready to leave for my 2 week rotation at work is draining. Especially while I'm trying to finish this latest book so I can send it out to Forbidden before I leave.

Well this damn story refuses to end LOL. It was supposed to be a nice sweet short romance. Instead it's turned into a long erotica tale of magic and intrigue LOL.

I know, I know you're not surprised. Well... **sticks out tongue** phhhhttttt.
Forbidden Island has a mind of its own and I will let it play itself out. Then I'll edit it LOL

So in other news, I finished first round of edits for The Perfect Hero. Guess that means it should be coming out soon from Red Rose Publications.

And let us not forget Wet and Wild: Lifemates is out July 1st.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bianca - Update on the D'Arc Side...

Let's see... since last we spoke, I had a birthday, two releases (Hara's Legacy and King of Swords), hung out with my editor in NY at BEA, had my editor quit the company (UNrelated to our hanging out, I can assure you!), had an RWA luncheon with another editor, changed my blog template (nightmare!), changed my myspace layout (even worse nightmare!), and decided to submit my most recent work to a NY publisher.

That's a lot to pack into just two or three weeks, right? First, I have to say how sad I am that my editor decided to quit. I know she's been contemplating a change for a while, but it still came as a shock when she tendered her resignation. I wish her much success in the future and know we'll always stay friends. She's a great person!

As for my future works with Samhain... Things are up in the air a little with future release dates because of the editor change. My September novella release - Wings of Change - will not be affected, since that was with a different editor from the very beginning. It's a special anthology, with a bunch of dragon stories in it, so it should be lots of fun! I was supposed to have a release in November, but it looks like that will be pushed back to December now. Sweeter Than Wine is a paranormal tale with lots of action and adventure. After that, I'm not certain how it will play out yet, so stay tuned.

Now about the other things I've been writing... I'm looking for a good home for a very cool space opera I've been working on for a while now. I'm going to give the big houses in NY a shot before I submit it to an epublisher. They have very long response times, so keep thinking good thoughts for the next few months, okay? LOL. The series is related to my Sons of Amber and Arcana novellas, now out with Phaze, only these books are novel-length, with lots more action. I've been working on two stories that are part of a generational saga. The human galaxy is at war with a neighborning humanoid race, the jit'suku, and we first learn about the early skirmishes and battles involving Enhanced soldiers and a few very special women. Later, I have plans to explore the endgame in the centuries-long war, after the great plagues (one of which is described in the Sons of Amber series). I'm very excited about these stories and really hope one or more will be picked up by a traditional publisher. Wish me luck!

Until next time,


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Wishing for a Wet and Wild Summer?

Then I suggest you check out the Wet and wild series on July 1st. Looking for something different? Something new? How do you feel about Beavers? Yes you heard me Beavers. Your intrigued now aren't you? So why not just give in to that curiosity?

Keep an eye out for these fantastic books by 3 very talented authoresses. hehe

Wet and Wild: Lifemates by Aline de Chevigny

Wet and Wild: Courting Damnation by Piper Evyns

Wet and Wild: Three of Hearts by Elena Croft

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Fun

Boy is it hot! I moved in October into a new house, that has no air conditioning or central air. I am sweating just sitting here at my desk. That is sooo not conducive to writing and my muse is really not cooperating anymore. I did put a couple of fans around, but my daughter has really bad allergies and is asthmatic. We really should have AC. But that means running a line for it...or going out and buying several small units that plug into a regular outlet.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

What do you all do to stay cool in the summer?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Michelle's Day again :)

Everytime my days to blog roll around I get mixed feelings. Nervous because I want to post something good, something that will make people go, now that was a good waste of five minutes. Part of me also goes weeeeeeeeeee my turn to talk!

I've had three releases in the past month. squeee and I've been hard at work on my Witch series. I am trying to write a story for the Samhain Cat Antho, but they get tons of entries and I have no clue what they like. I've read some good and some bad books from them, but not enough to give me an idea of what they buy. It looks like everything!

I also sent in a story for the Cobblestone vampire oracle series, I got so excited about my idea that I've decided if they don't take it I will just remove the oracle card from my story and sell it somewhere else. That is another fun thing. When you get a rejection and turn around and sell it :) The last story Samhain rejected I submitted to a different publisher - not telling you which one :) - and a contract was offered in a two week time period. With minimal edits. That definitely makes my muse want to cooperate!

See! My rambling does have a purpose! Don't let a rejection get you down. What one person doesn't like, another will. You can't please everyone, so don't kill yourself trying. Do your best, then find a home for that story. Have faith and believe in yourself and you really can do it!

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Friday, June 08, 2007

New Release - Bunny Love

Yup. My book released from Aspen Mountain Press today. I am sooo thrilled. :)

Bunny Love

Available Now from Aspen Mountain Press

As a veterinarian, Tambra works long hours and has little time to "search" for a man. When she unexpectedly meets a man covered with tattoos and wearing a kilt, holding a small bunny while attending a Wiccan retreat she discovers things aren't always what they seem.
Tambra froze in her tracks as she stared at the gorgeous male five paces ahead of her. She’d be late for the morning circle, but this would be worth the lecture later. He wasn’t watching where he was going, but instead looked down at the small bundle of rags he held in his hands.

Mr. Gorgeous was tanned and muscular. Since he was dressed in nothing but a kilt, she could easily see the tattoos that covered most of his legs, arms and chest, but didn’t detract from his looks at all. What woman wouldn’t want a bad boy like him? By the time she realized he was on a collision course with her, she tried to sidestep, but wasn’t fast enough.

“Oomph,” she gasped as her breath escaped in a whoosh and a tingle of electricity raced through her body starting at the point of contact and ending at her curled toes.

“Sorry.” His voice was low and husky as he lifted his gaze from his bundle to her.

“It’s okay.” She stared, caught up in the emerald green of his eyes. There probably wasn’t one thing about him that would disappoint. Maybe he was stupid, or mean, or something. He couldn’t look this fine and have a good personality.

“I wasn’t looking where I was going.” He licked his lips as he held her gaze.

Was he caught up in the same sexual charge she felt? Did he know she wanted nothing more than to throw him down on the ground and ride him fast and hard?

“It’s okay.” She sounded so breathy and desperate. Yet judging by the way his nostrils flared and his eyes darkened, he liked it.

“Do you know Tambra Wood?”

Tambra blinked. The hunk was looking for her.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Men in kilts =HOT!

Recently, a friend had never thought about how sexy men in kilts were. Then, I sent her to my website where I have a great picture posted. She wrote to me and said her husband is Scottish and is now trying to get him to wear a kilt for her! LOL

There's something very masculine about a man wearing a kilt and oh so sexy. Now there's a variety of choices for the guy willing to step out and wear one. Commando underneath or...not. What a delicious thought.

A kilt is not a skirt for man. It has a rich history. I believe one of the toughest regiments in WWII was the Scots also called "the ladies from Hell."

What's not to love when you see a handsome, rugged man in a kilt? There a few places on the web dedicated to the few men who dare to wear.
Personally, I find it romantic and sexy. Apparently others do as well.

I'll continue to put my heroes in kilts because they dare.

Hugs to all!
Summer Solstice Scorchers anthology OUT NOW! available from
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