Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Michelle's Day again :)

Everytime my days to blog roll around I get mixed feelings. Nervous because I want to post something good, something that will make people go, now that was a good waste of five minutes. Part of me also goes weeeeeeeeeee my turn to talk!

I've had three releases in the past month. squeee and I've been hard at work on my Witch series. I am trying to write a story for the Samhain Cat Antho, but they get tons of entries and I have no clue what they like. I've read some good and some bad books from them, but not enough to give me an idea of what they buy. It looks like everything!

I also sent in a story for the Cobblestone vampire oracle series, I got so excited about my idea that I've decided if they don't take it I will just remove the oracle card from my story and sell it somewhere else. That is another fun thing. When you get a rejection and turn around and sell it :) The last story Samhain rejected I submitted to a different publisher - not telling you which one :) - and a contract was offered in a two week time period. With minimal edits. That definitely makes my muse want to cooperate!

See! My rambling does have a purpose! Don't let a rejection get you down. What one person doesn't like, another will. You can't please everyone, so don't kill yourself trying. Do your best, then find a home for that story. Have faith and believe in yourself and you really can do it!

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