Monday, June 25, 2007

I know, I know, I'm late

Getting ready to leave for my 2 week rotation at work is draining. Especially while I'm trying to finish this latest book so I can send it out to Forbidden before I leave.

Well this damn story refuses to end LOL. It was supposed to be a nice sweet short romance. Instead it's turned into a long erotica tale of magic and intrigue LOL.

I know, I know you're not surprised. Well... **sticks out tongue** phhhhttttt.
Forbidden Island has a mind of its own and I will let it play itself out. Then I'll edit it LOL

So in other news, I finished first round of edits for The Perfect Hero. Guess that means it should be coming out soon from Red Rose Publications.

And let us not forget Wet and Wild: Lifemates is out July 1st.

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I once had a ms drag on for two months because it wouldn't end. Know what you mean but your book sounds intriguing.

Wild wave to Tambra. She gave me this link. Thanks, hon.

Hugs, JJ

6:11 pm  

Oh, jeez! Sorry, Tambra. I just read your message on JJ's blog. I would have gotten to you sooner but... Please forgive.

You're in Texas?! Alex Jones is in Austin. I follow him religiously and enjoy his appearances on George Noory's Coast To Coast AM. Also, I've travelled quite extensively on roads from Ciudad Juarez to Dallas to Laredo to Texarkana & Shreveport. Phew! The State's just too big!

College professor's are pretty liberal thinkers. I think he/she kept an open mind while grading your paper, too.

I'm extremely anti-government, and ya may wish to check out my site at: - Whole lotta friends there who share my opinion.

'kay, Tambra. Please send a message to my site when ya find some time. Now I wanna check out some of yer entries 'fore I go to sleep.

Buenas noches, mucho gusto!

7:49 am  

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