Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Blowout

Aspen Mountain Press
Memorial Day Weekend Blow Out!

Join Aspen Mountain Press and Authors this weekend for the Memorial Day blow out!
There is a 15% discount on selected titles:

Some Gave All:
Featuring Stories by Jefferson Dane, Wayne Greenough, Aline de Chevigny, and J.M Snyder

War Torn by J.M Snyder

Cold Warriors by Clare Dargin

Flight of the Sparrows by Laura Baumbach

In Her Name by Esther Mitchell

Snowball in Hell by Josh Lanyon

Hope of Heaven by Esther Mitchell

No Apologies by J.M Snyder

The blow out begins on Friday May 23, 2008 and goes through till May 26, 2008!
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have a new release wooohooo

Nature's Whim

Ares had one goal, to become the most powerful of the old Gods. And now with Mother Nature missing, presumed dead, and the world in complete chaos, his wish was almost a reality. He never dreamed that the twenty first century could hold so much promise and power. Now was the time to act, he’d planned out ever contingency he could think of. Nothing could stop him. Nothing except her! How was he supposed to plan for something he neither saw coming nor ever expected to find. To make matters worse, he felt an attraction to her he couldn’t understand or resist, and he’d tried.

But Mother Nature was back. She’d been reincarnated into the body of a young woman with a quick wit and sharp tongue who didn’t have a clue. Now Ares had to make the most difficult decision of his immortal life. Does he help Desdemona Carpenter get both her powers and the elements under control or does he smite what could be true love and aim for the power he so desperately desires?

Tied for Cover of the Month
November 2007

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Excerpt :

He walked to the opening of his tent and surveyed all that was his. Yes he missed the comforts of his home, but they held too many memories. Memories that even after months of planning and preparing still distracted him from his destiny. Yet he couldn’t deny that there was a pull, and urge to go after her that he fought with the iron will of a warrior.

Lightning flashed in a clear blue sky, and struck the only tree in the camp splitting it straight down the middle. The singed and burning wood reminded him that he had other more pressing things to worry about. For one he needed to find Gaia before she ruined all his carefully laid out plans. He needed to learn why she was working against him and where she received such power. It was time to return to Mount Olympus and speak with his family.

The earthquake hadn’t been the only disaster to hit the earth of late. Tornadoes, Tidal waves, Hurricanes and a record number of Volcanoes had become active all over the world. Always within his personal vicinity, and always killing his men just before they were ready to go to battle. He’d noted one other thing in his searches, the attacks always occurred while he was asleep and dreaming of her!

The dark circles under his eyes attested to the fact that he hadn’t been sleeping much of late. It was a good thing for him that a God needn’t much sleep. Those dreams always felt so real, so vibrant. Like Desi was there in the room with him.

Her lips would kiss him, her tongue teasingly run over his nipples, her teeth nipping him to distraction. Her hands would roam all over his ready and willing naked body beneath hers. She’d tease him to a fever pitch, her cries and moans of pleasure driving him insane with lust. Then when he’d be ready to scream in frustration she’d relinquish power to him to do with her as he pleased.

He always started the same way, he wasn’t sure why. But first he’d crush her to him and devour her mouth with a kiss of desperation, and only when he felt her desperation was as high as his, would he enter her. Thrusting deep inside of her, until he felt they’re bodies merge. Desi clinging to him with a desperation of her own whispering word of love and regret until they both climaxed together.

Ares shook himself out of the trance last night’s dream put him under. It was the first dream he’d allowed himself in weeks. They're lovemaking showed that. It had been quick and rough; like they’d both craved the others touch and couldn’t wait to come together. Once they caught their breaths, they’d come together again slowly this time, sensually.

He shook his head to dislodge the mental image; Desi was the last person he wanted to think about today. Today he needed to find Gaia! It was time to stop her from throwing her temper tantrums. He couldn’t rule the world as the supreme God if she destroyed it in her blind jealous rage.

Ares grabbed his cloak and left his tent. “Matius, I’m leaving you in charge of this group of recruits until I return. I want them ready; we put my plans into motion the moment I get back.

“Yes my God Ares.”

“No one is to enter my tent while I am away. If I sense a single presence in there I will kill the culprit with my bare hands. No matter the reason for their entrance.” To put weight behind his words with a wave of his hand Ares erected a barrier over the tent. He didn’t know how, but Desi came to him in that place and he didn’t want anyone desecrating the space in his absence.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I often use different images and music for each story I write. I like to listen to the same group of songs for each story because I can get into a groove. The picture is nice because every time I look at the image I'm reminded of my inspiration all over again.

What about you?
What inspires you and what do you listen to when you write?

Some authors and editors tell me no music. I agree with the editors. I have to shut off my music when editing. I'm not sure why, but there it is.

Support groups?
One member of mine is in Boston without INTERNET. She will pay when she returns for abandoning me. So for now I torture my characters. >:)

Theses are just some things to think about when you get stuck in your story.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Writing Under Stress

Sometimes life gets in the way of writing.

It can be those nagging little aggravations or it can be life changing.
Since this is something I'm going through right now, I'll tell you what I'm doing to stay sane and keep writer's block away.

I'm writing what I can. If all I can squeeze out is a 100 words, I'm accepting that's the best I can do for that day. Beating myself up for not reaching my quota is only going to make things worse and speed me onto the path of writer's block.

By doing something writing related every day, it makes me feel like I'm doing something instead of nothing.

I've plotted some stories by paper and pen, so that when I go to the computer I'll have something instead of trying to make my stressed mind try to think.

For anyone in a stressful situation, try this:

The more pressure you put on yourself the harder it will be and the downward spiral begins. Take this time to lower your TBR pile. Or start writing something just for fun, something short, or a novella. Find ways to relieve the stress: walk the dog, light some incense and meditate, take a hot bubble bath.

The main thing to remember is that adjustments need to be made. Talk to some trusted friends and family members. Find the positive and don't be afraid to move on.

Tambra Kendall/Keelia Greer
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