Thursday, June 07, 2007

Men in kilts =HOT!

Recently, a friend had never thought about how sexy men in kilts were. Then, I sent her to my website where I have a great picture posted. She wrote to me and said her husband is Scottish and is now trying to get him to wear a kilt for her! LOL

There's something very masculine about a man wearing a kilt and oh so sexy. Now there's a variety of choices for the guy willing to step out and wear one. Commando underneath or...not. What a delicious thought.

A kilt is not a skirt for man. It has a rich history. I believe one of the toughest regiments in WWII was the Scots also called "the ladies from Hell."

What's not to love when you see a handsome, rugged man in a kilt? There a few places on the web dedicated to the few men who dare to wear.
Personally, I find it romantic and sexy. Apparently others do as well.

I'll continue to put my heroes in kilts because they dare.

Hugs to all!
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Your post rocks! I couldn't agree more. yum yum yum

2:27 pm  

I'm glad someone agrees with me!

5:26 pm  

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