Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Timing

Wow, how often does this happen? It's my day to blog here, and I have a book release scheduled for the same day.
So, here it its...Courting Damnation is available today from Red Rose Publishing.

 Cursed by a vengeful fairy, Harry has been forced to remain in the boundaries of Algonquin Park where every night he becomes a beaver. When he accepts a job guiding Willow Hopkins, a wildlife photographer to a remote area of the park, Harry falls for Willow's adventurous spirit, inciting the wrath of the very fairy who placed his curse.

 Doomed to never be able to be together as humans, Harry and Willow struggle to survive and find a way to escape their fate.

 I'm excited that this story is getting a second chance, as anything that has to do with camping has a special place in my heart. I'm also excited because the cover artist was able to use a photograph I took myself for the background image. The photo is of Booth Rock, at Rock Lake in Algonquin Park. Courting Damnation is set in Algonquin, one of my favourite places in the province. I'm proud to say I hiked the trail that takes you to the top of that cliff. I couldn't walk for the rest of the day, my knees were so not happy with me, but the view was well worth it.

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