Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer is Ending

and it's time to get ready for school. I'll miss sleeping in late, but I'll enjoy having only one child home and the other three in school. Momma needs a break!

I have been writing as much as I can this summer. I had a rejection or two that hit me kind of hard. Hell ANY rejection hurts, even if it's just 'This isn't right for us.' or like my friend got 'You are a talented writer.' yada yada rejection means they pass for now, not rejection. I tell myself and tell myself and tell myself. But you know, it still sucks. They didn't want it. For whatever reason, you did not make it. There is one publisher that rejects every single thing I send to them. I have no hope of ever selling to them. But at this point I figure I might as well make them suffer through reading my 'crap'. LOL

The good news is that I was selected in the Vampire Oracle contest from Cobblestone Press. My entry for The Moon was chosen, and I have a temporary cover, but am not allowed to share it. The fabulous artist isn't quite finished and I'll respect her wishes even though I'm dying to post it. I've also sold more to Loose and Aspen this summer. Kate's Muse is coming out whenever...I had to resend the contract as my mail man must have eaten it. And The Bodyguard: Nash...I had to resend the contract as they had a new one for us to use and I had an older version. (I liked the newer one better-hehehe) I also sold Irish Dreams, a story I finished in Feb and was sitting on. I also sent in two proposals that were accepted but not contract yet. Sooo my summer looks like this: Rejections: 1 Sales: 5 and I currently only have one submission out there. I need to finish up some of these contracted things and get my patootie moving! I need more subs out there.

Thank you Kim, for that addiction!

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LOL no problem... though I was thinking of the current You Tube addiction rather than the sub addiction LOL

I only have two out. I must get my arse in gear and get more subbed!

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yeah I didn't want to go there. My son is now addicted to you tube.....

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