Thursday, July 05, 2007

Freedom, the muse, erotic romance and writer's block

Since the nation just celebrated Independence Day, I thought I'd use that for this month's blog topic. I'm going to talk about freedom for writer's.

Writers need freedom to create. It keeps the muse happy and healthy.
When a writer is put into a box and told you can only write this or this, then for me my muse is effectively imprisoned.

Lack of freedom (and fear) also contribute to writer's block. If someone would have told me two years ago I would be writing and selling erotic/sensual paranormal romance I would have been stunned. I never imagined I could write really hot, but it seems I can. Initially, I wanted to educate myself on erotic romance because it was becoming popular and when talking about romance writing I wanted to be able to answer in an intelligent and knowledgable manner. All people, not just romance writers have their own points of view concerning erotic romance.

I began reading erotic romance and decided why not try it? If it sucks lemons then all I have to do is delete it. Without the giving myself the freedom to try this genre, I would never have known that I could write it and then sell it.

Give yourself the freedom to try writing in a genre you've always wanted to.
If you're a reader, try reading in a genre or an author you've considered but haven't.

Freedom is something we should never take for granted, nor should we let others dictate and take our freedom of choice away.

Until next month...
Tambra Kendall
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