Friday, July 27, 2007

The world according to Aline

So a few things have been happening with me ( hmmm or maybe I should say to me LOL since I have no control over it)

First my latest sale The Perfect Hero got an awesome new cover.

And since Red Rose Publications opened their door yesterday I was given my release date for the book. AUGUST 9TH, 2007 Wooooooohoooooooooooooo

I got home from my off rotation from the diamond mine to find a ten year old boy sitting on my doorstep. Seems he decided he was staying with me for the week, gotta love the nephew. ( and I do LOL but man they can drain your energy)

Michelle Hasker sold another book to Aspen Mountain Press, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Michelle. You go Girl.

Speaking of Aspen, my Book Blood Red will be lengthened and re-released with Aspen Mountain Press to familiarise everyone with the story then the rest of the series will be released periodically. I have 4 books sold in that series to date. Yay me hehehe. So if you loved Nicolai (as much as Michelle does LOL) you'll be happy to hear that he's gotten his own story. Book 3 I believe.

I signed up for the 70 days of Sweat and while the nephew was visiting I fell behind but heck, he wantred ALL my attention so it couldn't be helped LOL.

Hehehe he's cute isn't he, not so scary.

Not sure if you've been following the daughter's FTDB, but some of the girls are doing really well. Yay girls ...

Well I'm off still have an hour of work to do before bed.

Night all.

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MMM I LOVE nicolai
hands off all you ladies! LOL

love the cover A!

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