Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I've been a bad blog-monkey

Blogs have taken a back-seat for me for the past month. Maybe I've been writing too much and my blogs have stopped being my writing fix? Which would make me feel better for not keeping up with Wordless Wednesday or Thursday Thirteen (*must* put that up tomorrow! LOL)

Dark Host is going well. I'm heading out of the middle and into the 'OMG WTF am I thinking' ending. *grin* I just have to get past the sex scene, which are always the hardest to write. Fights and gore and action, or for contemporaries, characters flaying each other with acidic words * grin * are easy compared to writing a sex scene.

It doesn't help that I have a three year old jumping on me, demanding Dr Who (okay, watching David Tennant can be a mite inspiring) or wanting food, or needing me to find his Luna Jim sunglasses when there's a monsoon outside. And then I have tidying, washing, cleaning... so I'm trying to remember when is a good time for me to get my characters horizontal, vertical or possibly trapezoid...

Nighttime. With the monsters in bed and the other half occupied on his laptop - usually blogging about what bizarre thing he saw on the river today.

And I also have to finish the ms first; having the ominous tag * insert sex scene here * and vague number of words before not letting it worry me and moving onto the end. When I read through to correct errors and plot holes that's the time to write in the rudeness and it usually flows quite easily. Maybe I have an idea what that scene has to do as well as finally letting the characters loose on each other. Perhaps the pressure is off to actually have the bloody wip finished, LOL and that's why it's easier?

As I posted * way * back, I'm still on a learning curve with analysing how I write, and I'm wondering, anyone else want to share their sex-writing secrets?

Oh and I just have to share this cover for To Summon a Demon out next month, mainly cos I love it, hehe

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sex writing secrets?


You can't force sex. Well, you can but it will come across unpleasant and the reader will go WTF?

If you are stuck on a love scene, do as Kim does, * insert nookie/sex/boinking/etc here * Yes, even us erotic romance authors have to do that sometimes. If the writing isn't flowing naturally, don't force it. Move on to something else.

Also, read lots of sex...you know what I mean. Books like you write to see how they handle it and what is popular right now. Sometimes I'll read 'blazes' friends wrote for me that I save in a special folder on my desktop and read when I need a pick me up, or inspiration.

Good Luck and Happy Sex Writing.

8:07 pm  

I often do as you, Kim, and Michelle do write *insert (qualifier - wild/tender/monkey)sex here*. I find it difficult to write a sex scene if hubby is in the room, or even the next room. LOL not sure why. I need silence, or at least aloneness.

Sometimes if it isn't flowing, then I read something I wrote somewhere else, or another book by someone else to get going again. Sometimes they will spark something in my convoluted brain.

5:09 pm  

Thanks for answering, Michelle, Tina.

Yep, I'm writing the scene for Dark Host and I'm reading others' scenes to get me in the 'mood' LOL

Though I did get side tracked into Dr Who fanfic this morning. But the Tenth Doctor and the Master?? Who could resist that slash combo? Doubly not helpful as I'm *not* writing m/m!

Oh dear, now I'm on a John Simm's Master drool again...

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