Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Space: Sci Fi & Sci Fact

This week has been a mixture of science fiction and science fact for me. On the one hand, I'm gearing up for the release of my next sci fi romance novella, Sons of Amber: Michael. On the other, I've been watching the live feeds from NASA TV of the current space shuttle mission pretty much non-stop. I love watching what's going on up there live, from the comfort of my computer. How cool!

A lot of the action in my newest installment in the Sons of Amber series takes place on space stations and shuttle vehicles, not precisely like the ones we're engineering now, but probably a lot like the ones in our future. I love the idea that I'm seeing the beginnings of space exploration in my lifetime. Can you just imagine what future generations will see and do? Perhaps they'll be living in space or traveling to distant planets, galaxies and beyond. It fires the imagination!

But in the meantime, here on Earth, I do want to get out a little bad news about my blog presence: Blogger saw fit to eat my original blog for no apparent reason, so I've had to rebuild from scratch. If anyone is linking to me now, please make sure you've got the new address:

If you want to be added to my new blogroll and are willing to add me to yours, please send me an email at BIANCADARC AT GMAIL.COM with your link and I'll add you. This is a real pain and I know a lot of folks can't find my blog, so I've been running a contest on the new blog. I don't have a lot of entries right now, so if you enter, you have a good chance! Check it out here and good luck!

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