Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot Summer

Between the killer heat and no AC until yesterday, I've been sweating up a storm. Quite ironic that I then signed up for the 70 days of sweat on Allison Kent's blog. So, I've written just over 8,000 words, well on my way to my 80,000 word goal. Course with the kids and painting the dining room - which happens to be my office- we'll just see how much I get done. LOL

The daughters are also doing a FTDB (Finish The Damn Book). I actually finished the book I was using for that LOL. So gonna use the rest of my time to edit it, which worked out for the best since I deleted an entire scene and need to rewrite it. Yes, it WAS on purpose.

How many out there know how hard it is to write while holding a wriggling 2 year old?
And on his speech...Well, My husband and I were working with him and you can see my son concentrating really hard to speak. He hesitates between words. The pediatrician recommended a speech therapist...but really..for a 2 year old? I need to wait until it would be covered by my insurance.

Now I need to get him off me and change my shirt as I'm now covered in chocolate from his ice cream cone. LOL Ignore the typos please. I'd rather change then do a spell check LOL.

Have a great week and good luck to the daughters participating in FTDB and 70 days of sweat!

posted by Michelle Hasker at 7:51 pm


This helped us - Number One Son has a communication delay and moderate learning difficulties.

And it is not hot here. We're in a crop shortage due to foul weather, LOL

12:13 am  

Thanks Kim *hugs*

I'll pray for rain for you

7:30 pm  

No *really* we do not need any more rain! LOL

It's been raining almost every day since the beginning of June and doesn't look like stopping anytime soon. Fruit and veg have been destroyed by flooding, LOL

Kim ~ thinking about building an ark...

5:01 pm  

arky arky

but it stopped raining now, didn't it?

5:29 am  

erm... no.

12:12 pm  

I agree with you Michelle. Not all kids learn at the same speed anyway. A little more time shouldn't hurt and both you and your hubby are working with him.

As for rain, my part of Texas has had more than its share of rain too.


2:44 pm  

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