Friday, April 27, 2007

Son of Heaven out now!

This is my IR, D/s, historical, erotic romance, super-epic length novel XD

If you like Jade Lee's stuff then you'll enjoy this. Except mine is sexier LOL.

A failed engagement has left Charlotte Freely an object of scandal. Her chances of finding a suitable husband are slim, but on a silk-buying trip, Charlotte meets a Chinese man who is far from bending to Western whims. Song Chao Ming, a descendant of an ancient imperial line, is used to being obeyed - and Charlotte finds herself helpless to resist such a masterful man.

But Charlotte’s brother has plans for her future. When she runs away to join Chao Ming, she gives up her Western life to belong to him - but both have a lot to learn about submission and control. Chao Ming gives Charlotte a Chinese name, Tianfu, but this isn’t enough to make her a Chinese woman.

Is lust enough to overcome two distinct cultural ideals, or will only the understanding of love allow the Son of Heaven to keep his precious Tianfu?

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