Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bits & pieces

Blimey, the month went by fast. Not that I've been around for much of it. My uncle died so we've been clearing his house and dealing with all that sort of stuff; my brother's container arrived from China so as my sister-in-law doesn't speak English, I went to direct the proceedings there (note: British workmen don't like Chinese green tea. In fact, they totally freak out at anything not resembling a cup of builders); and a friend came over from Germany to see one of the actors from Rome in a theatre performance. She's quite keen on him and managed to get his email address LOL, so a result for her!

Then my OH went off on a week-long cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean - starting at Limassol and calling at Antalya, Rhodes, Kusadasi, Patmos, Mykonos and finishing off in Athens. I received a drunken text proposing marriage, which has since been followed up in the proper manner, although I am still minus a ring. Hmm, should I go for diamonds or sapphires?

In the meantime, I've been working on my edits and a bunch of new stuff. Revenant has been signed off ready for release early next month, and Son of Heaven should be released this Thursday, alongside Aline's book The Prophecy!

And yesterday was the release of Yaoime, a M/M anthology containing my long novella 'Heart & Mind'. And I drew the picture on the cover, too. Here's the obligatory hard-sell, la.

1. Heart & Mind - Olivia Lorenz
Street entertainer Yan Yue is out of his depth in his new life as the pampered guest of imperial minister Shuo Han, but he's certain of one thing: he can make Shuo Han fall in love with him. Ghostly poems, an old painting, and erotic compromise bring together two very different men, aligning hearts and minds.

2. Zinged! - Mae Powers
Can two Sky-Guards of different ranks push the boundaries of protocol in order to find love and passion, while on an alien planet?

3. Don’t Ask - J. J. Massa
Falk Thayer and Captain Zack Smith have a policy. Don't ask, don't tell. It's not working.

Read excerpts & buy it here: http://www.midnightshowcase.com/Yaoime.htm

- Olivia
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Sorry to hear about you loss, Olivia.

You have had a busy month. Yep, never offer a builder anything that's not a mug of milky tea with six sugars.

And congrats on the drunken and not-so-drunken proposal. The ring? Go for both.

10:29 am  

Good advice, Kim. OH likes rubies but I don't think they look good on me. We're going to my parents this weekend so maybe I can find something suitable down there (by 'suitable' that means 'not insanely exensive... darn!)

9:29 am  

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