Saturday, April 21, 2007

I can't think of anything to blog about. A serious case of writers block.

Ah yesterday was my baby girl's third birthday. She asked me to start calling her a "big gurl" now. Whhhaaaaa. Sorry I just spent 24 hours covered in princess, pony, strawberry shortcake, Dora stuff it's left me a bit emotional. Why do they grow so quickly. Enough stalling onto the blogging!

I've been fighting with a serious case of writer's block recently. It's made blogging as well as plain old writing into an extended trip to the dentist. I've started writing conversations with my characters instead of actually story in hopes of stumbling across something that will get my muse moving. I'm starting to think of holding open casting calls for a new muse. Wonder if that will shake her up any.

So all of you out there in Internetland how do you fight writers block? Tell me your tales of horror and how you got out of them. It'll be fun now that it's over.

Elena--The Stalled one
posted by Elena Croft at 8:19 pm


Congrats to the birthday girl. #2 Son turned 3 last week. He is still a 'little boy' and when he does the squeaky voice, he wants baby privileges, LOL The boy is so-o-o going to be an actor when he grows up.

Writer's block? I'm probably in a permanent struggle with it. My solution is to drop the story that's giving me grief and jump into an already started ms. I have lots.

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