Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Cover & Readying for RT

So, how do you like my new cover? I thought I'd post it here, just to show you all, then talk about other things because I like to post a pic on the blog every once in a while to keep it interesting. ;-)

Hara's Legacy is coming out on May 29th, so I'll have a chance to fill you in on the story more later. If you're really intrigued, visit my website ( ) - there's a page dedicated to the book under the "FutureWorlds" heading.

Right now, I'm in a panic about packing and getting ready to go to the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Houston next week. This'll be my first time going to this event and there's lots to remember to bring. If you're in the Houston area, please come to the booksigning on Saturday. I'll be signing three of my books (Ladies of the Lair, The Ice Dragon, and Lords of the Were) and will be giving out promotional goodies to those who drop by my table and chat.

But I did do a fun thing this morning (which is why my blog post is a little late). I got a new hairstyle! New do, new you, and all that. I like it! Now the test will be to see if I can replicate the stylist's work on my own. Wish me luck!

As you can probably tell, I'm a little disjointed today, but it's all good. I'm excited about my upcoming trip and trying to remember everything I need to do before and all the stuff I have to take with me. If you're going to RT, I hope you'll look for me! I'll be in Club RT from 11:30-12 on Thursday with a great basket of prizes to give away and lots of promo goodies too. Hope to see you there!

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Have a great time! I wish I could come. Love the book cover.

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