Monday, April 16, 2007

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I'm running out of things to blog about LOL. I blogged here last week, and I was also a guest blogger at the myspace blog of Love Romances and More. I also guest blogged today at the WCP blog, and blogged on Saturday at the Torrid Temptations Blog.

My good news...I've written over 10k this weekend on a fabulous story. Yes, I'm actually excited about this story. I love the rush of writing something you love. The kind where you don't want to stop writing, not even to eat.

But real life and kids interfere. I sat down, all ready to write the first love scene, and school calls, no power, no heat, AND the fire alarm went off. The oldest daughter loved it, told me how the fire trucks pulled up to the school with the sirens blaring. Two companies responded with a total of 5 trucks. My son would have been in heaven. Apparently the emergency power triggered the alarms. AND they called at 9:45 but said not to come get her til 10:30. With no heat??? ARGH

She's home and reading so guess it's time for some nookie, hehehe. And it's weird, this story started out straight romance and turned paranormal LOL. I just can't help myself.

I was talking to Dawn as I was writing it, and I instant messaged her and said, guess what, she's got powers. A few minutes later, Guess what, turns out he can read minds. They did something to him while he was in South America. Poor Dawn, I think I totally confused her, but it's how my mind works. No matter if I write a synopsis first, or outline, or just jot notes, the story inevitably changes. And I love it.

This is why I write! For the rush :)
Happy Reading!
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I love those changes that hit you broadside. A stray comment from a friend takes the story in a whole new direction! I recently had that happen and it was GREAT!

And I hear you on running out of blog topics. It's a strain! LOL

2:29 am  

Yep, it's a wonderful feeling :)

Have a great week!

3:24 am  

I'm in a final draft of Alchemy, adding words and *actually enjoying it*

Could just be a side-effect from my kettle poisoning me, though ;-)

8:38 am  

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