Wednesday, April 11, 2007

News and blah blah blah with Michelle - LOL

Good morning. Course I've drank so much water the past few days I feel as if I'm floating...this exercising and drinking excess water is for the birds. And then I get hungry before bed. LOL

Okay, my news: The Bodyguard releases April 24th from Loose Id and Sheila's Surrender releases May 1st from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. I just finished the line edits from hell....and told my editor she'd have to try a lot harder if she wanted to get rid of me.

On Monday I was a guest blogger at Love Romances and More myspace blog. It was definately a fun experience, shame you have to be a member of myspace in order to comment.

I've been checking out the bebo thing and signed up, and wondered if I signed up wrong cause there was no where to put my books, then I saw the author link and clicked that and up popped a nice page of homework. *sighs* I was just too lazy after those edits to do anything. So one of these days I'll finish playing with bebo. LOL

Softball season has started and my 7 year old won her first game. But shhhhh....we're not supposed to tell, they don't tell the girls in this age bracket if they win or not because it is supposed to be instructional.

Morpheus forgot to put me to sleep last night, damn bugger. He owes me after that interview I did last year for Enchanted Ramblings.

Enough ramblings from me :) I'll leave you with my cover I just received yesterday for my May release. This time I get to be on top. Ha! Take that Tina - who was on top last time.

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