Friday, April 27, 2007

It's finaly been released... The Prophecy is out.

My latest book The Prophecy is finally out and I couldn't be more excited. Below i've put the blurb for the book and information for where you can find it.

Also this weekend the DAughter's will be having a celebration at our Yahoo site to celebrate the release we've all had. Come and join us, it's bound to be a blast and we have contests. hehe

You can buy it here:

Danan McClintok is a Prince of Eloisia, an Immortal, who against all traditions wanted more from his life than to live in pampered pleasures, he wanted his one. An urge he could neither explain nor resist came over him and drew him to the seeing Stone and earth. Earth, where only the eccentric or the damned go.

There he spotted a woman who drew him like no other, she was kind and giving. He sensed a pureness in her that he wanted to embrace and protect. She was his one. He could feel it. But how could that be? She was mortal where he would live forever.

Against the wishes of his Queen, and the warnings of his friends, he courts this mysterious beauty that has captured his heart, to learn in the end that she is the answer to the age old Prophecy, of the foretold True King and Queen.

Excerpt found here:
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