Monday, March 26, 2007

Welcome from the Daughters

New Tortuga: Monday's Child

In the spaceport city of New Tortuga all things are possible. It’s a crossroads. New lives begin and old ones are lost in this bustling city. Here in a time where retro is the new NEW, resurgence in popularity of an Old Earth nursery rhyme brings us to our first story.

We start with Monday’s Child, so fair of face.

Hello all! Jessica Russell here! I'm a newly pub'd author with a tentative release of beginning of May. No website yet, but my web wizard from Spunpuppy Webworks is whipping one up for me!

I write primarily science fiction/urban fantasy with romantic elements and I've contracted a seven part series based in New Tortuga with Aspen Mountain Press.

Here's my beautiful cover! Ianna was such a wonderful character to write!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. And before you ask...yes her hair is supposed to be green. :-)
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This was an awesome read! A real tear jerker. Great job Jessica :)
Can't wait for the next in the series.

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