Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's Incredible...

Ok I'll admit it. I'm a bad blogger LOL, but I try so here goes.

I have 2 realease due out soon.

The Prophecy with Forbidden Publications is tentatively due out in April. Keep an eye out for my fantastic cover.

Wet and Wild: Lifemates is due out July 1, 2007

Wet and wild: Lifemates Blurb

Benton Chaser was the black beaver of his clan. Seeing the pain and suffering his father experienced when his mother was killed. He refused to accept the laws of the clan and find his one true mate. Preferring exiles to the pain he knew was in store if he gave in and the revenge he got seducing the wives of the men who ripped his family apart.

Until he met a feisty Widow name River Maples, who gave the wild animal on her property sanctuary and greeted all men with the barrel of her shot gun. He’d tried everything he could think of to approach her and could only succeed in his were-beaver form. Yet he can’t deny the pull he feels towards her, could she be the one thing he’d been running away from for the past hundred years?

I sold my newest story Luck of the Irish to Aspen Mountain Press.

Luck of the Irish Blurb

When Dina's boss assigns her to review a local family restaurant called Luck of the Irish on St. Patrick's Day of all days, she isn't happy. Upon entering the establishment and seeing all the staff dressed as Leprechauns, she expects passable food and annoyingly cheerful service. What she got left her breathless.

Connor had always known what his destiny held in store for him. When the gods finally bestowed their gift upon him, he never expected his destiny to take place in a pair of sea blue eyes. Now, he finally understood why a four leaf clover is considered good luck.

I have 4 other subs out there right now, so here's hoping one or all of them will come through and I'll have even more good news to share.

Keep an eye on my website for I will be holding a contest very soon. It will either be a yayyyyy I sold again. Or a Wooohooo it's release day LOL.

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