Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sons of Amber: Michael - Available Now!

Sons of Amber

Michael is a Dominant Son of Amber, commandant of the human fighting forces and in charge of Atlantia Station. When he hears a smuggling ring is kidnapping human women and transporting them to the jit’suku galaxy, he goes undercover with his executive officer to uncover the rats in their own kitchen. But playing the role of submissive female is something Leah, the competant XO, isn’t sure she can do. Michael proves to her she not only can, but will enjoy the Dominant games he plays so well for benefit of the smugglers they must convince.

Get your copy now from Phaze. Or click here for more information.

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posted by Bianca D'Arc at 4:24 pm


Playing a submissive female sounds harder than heck. What a great idea for a heroine. :D

12:54 pm  

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