Monday, May 21, 2007

Newsletters and Interviews

Hi Everyone :) Hope you are all having a fantastic Monday. Why am I so happy? My kidlet is asleep and the rest are in school. WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Oh yeah and I just saw a sneak peek of an interview Mechele Armstrong did of me for her newsletter The Crayon Chronicles. Fabulous author and a really nice person.

I'm sitting here giggling because I've come to realize how much work I put into my simple newsletter. Asking an author for an interview, and then creating the page. Then I post it on my site and in a newsletter group. So lately I've been thinking I might just leave it all on my newsletter group. Not because I don't have enough space on my site, but because I dont seem many hits on my newsletters. I know it's much easier to just get the newsletter in your mail box and delete it, or read it, then to click a link and go to a site. So I may take a poll. If any one feels so inclined please leave me a message in the comments on your opinion.

So, I was not only interviewed by Mechele Armstrong, but I was also interviewed by Ali and that interview can be found here.

And I was also interviewed by Beverley Bateman. I was guest author for the month.

So while I debate if I should keep doing interviews of authors and how many people read them, I myself get three interviews. I guess that is a sign to keep them up.

So who am I interviewing next month?
Senior Editor for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Come join my newsletter group for more information hehehehe

Have a great week!!!
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