Monday, May 21, 2007

Better Late Than Never

I completely forgot I had to blog on Friday. I oncce told a former boss I'm either fifteen minutes early or five minutes late. LOL I guess I can now say something similar about blogging. I'm totally sorry about letting Friday slide. I spent the majority of the day outside working on the yards and large "garden" area our new house has in the front. My thumb's not very green so this is an interesting experiment for us. Hopefully I don't take after my mom who once killed a cactus.

I reread my wip Magic Awry recently and now have several new scenes written in it that are taking Madeline in some very interesting directions. I can see now that a second story is going to be necessary.

On the beaver front I've started the editing process on Three of Hearts. Only 40 days until it's release! And yesterday I finished outlining the first two chapters to a sequel. All in all a productive week.

Here's to hoping the only thing I kill off are minor characters
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