Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May Mini-NANO updates...

So how's everyone doing so far? Just over a week of writing time left this month. Gah.

I'm close to 30k, but about a third of that is on another project, as I've realised that Puppet will be 120k or more - this is the point where I wish to God that I could write short stories. And today my editor suggested adding an extra 10-20k on something else, which thankfully won't be too much hassle to do (she says hopefully).

This month hasn't been spectacular in terms of writing, mainly because I know I'm just marking time before I emigrate. That always happens - I find it very difficult to concentrate on writing or doing anything when I know I'm about to go somewhere. It drives me mad that my focus goes wandering off - "Ooh did I pack everything, did I cancel the milk, did I did this or that or the other..." and really I'm no good to anyone when this mood takes me - except I do a lot of cooking and make ridiculous amounts of cake and biscuits.

In other news, Kim has a new book out (see post below)! I bought my copy this morning and it's very good, so everyone else should go get their copies now. Go go go!
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Yep... The May Madness Nano... Erm...

Well, I got sidetracked by two rejections, which means I have to write something to sub fairly sharpish, LOL I couldn't allow myself the luxury of planning Fatal Vision. Though I still have the image fixed in my head of Rat and Eva in her room, with her hands covered in blood...

I do wish I could write as fast as you though!

How far off is NZ now??

And thank you for the plug. Somewhere in the future there has to be a Nimue sequel *gulp*

10:02 pm  

I so love the idea of Rat! I hope you can continue working on him (ooer) soon.

NZ is a month away. June 22nd. Yipes.

I hoped there would be a sequel - as did your fantastic review! Although I do like the ambiguity of the ending so we can imagine for ourselves what happens next :)

8:50 am  

NZ's less than a month away?? wow.

What are there winters like?
I'd find that odd, from muggy summer here to dead of winter there.
Aren't the hemispheres fun? LOL

Anyway, hope you have fun in the land of volcanoes.

8:25 am  

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