Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oops almost forgot to Blog

Boy time seems to just fly right by in May and June. I really can't wait for school to end, but then by August I will be dying for it to start back up. Between softball games for two, dance lessons for three and girl scouts for two, not to mention school activities and trips and my volunteering, who has time to write?
Not me!
So what do I do when I have days too busy to write? I try to keep my story or stories fresh in my mind. I'll reread them before bed, or think about what I can do next while washing dishes or taking a shower. I'll sit in the hallway while the kiddies take turns in the bath... Or *gasp* I'll give up sleep.
I am so glad I don't work outside of the home, because I'm sure I'd have to give up writing to make time for everything else. My youngest daughter turned 5 yesterday and that means I'll only have one child at home in the fall. I imagine I'll have no spare time unless he learns to love playing by himself. LOL
Well, enough of that. There's flowers to plant at the school, the SPCA is visiting preschool, and dance pictures and dress rehearsal is tonight. Tomorrow, softball game, Friday - the recital and Saturday is filled with softball games, bday parties and cleaning, oh my!

Have a great week everyone :)

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