Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Sky is Falling...almost

The sky isn't quite falling, but the roof on my house is.

Hurricane Ike swept through and now I'm finally getting a new roof on my house.
My writing room is in a section in the attic and right now praying no on falls in on me as I type this.

One thing you must never do is mess with a writer's creative space (no matter that I have books piled two deep on the shelves. I'm a messy creative sort, so sue me.)
You do what your muse is comfortable with. When I get a larger writing space I'll have more room to get organized. For now, I'm in the attic.
With the sound booted feet walking all over and sound of shingles being ripped away.

I hope this will be a short process with the group of men that are working. On the heels of that thought, I hope someone checked the weather report because I haven't.

I'm quite nervous about someone doing demolition/construction near my writing room. I have 19 years worth of research books, files, books I've written in my little room.

So, the sky isn't quite falling but roof shingles sure are.

The upside to all of this--I'll soon have a new roof.

More good news, Sanctuary Moon: First Howl should be released at the end of February. You won't want to miss this collection of wolf shifter stories from Red Rose Publishing.

Take care! See you here next month.

Tambra Kendall and Keelia Greer


posted by Tambra at 5:17 pm


Tambra, enjoy the new roof. I know what you mean about the writing space. It's truly sacred! I'll pray all turns out fine.

6:15 pm  

Yikes! Bet you're glad it's been dry at least.

Hope it goes smoothly.

3:15 pm  

Congratulations on your upcoming Sanctuary Moon: First Howl!

Although I'll bet it was hard to write this week with the pounding of all those hammers!

Nothing wrecks a writer's schedule faster than home repairs.

12:59 pm  

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Yep, I'm loving having a new roof and glad the hammers are gone.


6:30 pm  

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