Friday, November 14, 2008

A Message from Aline...On Insanity *WEG*

Hey guys! I'm posting this from Aline for you all. And since we're in the middle of NaNoWriMo, I'd say she's hitting the nail on the head! She's unable to get to blogger from the sexy jungles of the...oh wait, I can't tell you where she's at...*WEG* Enjoy!

Do you ever feel like you’re being overwhelmed by the many directions you keep being pulled in? Between, Work, Home, Family, Friends, and Writing (substitute hobby of choice hehe) you feel like you’re about to snap. What I do to work through this is the following. I jot down all the things that annoy me that day.

• Why does society frown over a person whishing they could crawl into bed and never come out?

• Why do landlords feel they have the god given right to enter your apartment when you aren’t home? Yes they own the house, but you’ve paid for the right to use the residence as your own. Still they don’t seem to understand the minor concept of trespassing.

• Why do mothers always pick the worst time in the world to turn on their patented guilt trips?

• Why does work assume that once you walk through their doors, you have no life other than to work? And yet they require you to continue educating yourself but don’t want you doing it on their time.

• Why do Educational institutions feel they have the right to charge you for their mistakes? If you make an error, isn’t it your responsibility to correct it at no charge?

• Why do people feel they can lie to your face and then get upset when you call them on it?

So now that you’ve spotted all of the issues causing you to feel stressed. Pull out a pen and paper and answer them to the best of your ability. Assign a number to the stress level you feel about each point. Then one by one let them go.

How do you let go of things so huge they’re driving you insane, you ask? Well that depends on what you like to do. I turn the offending person into a character in my book and then make them suffer. Torture them until they scream for mercy, then chuckle and torture them some more. Be careful with this tactic. If your family is anything like mine, they might enjoy it and ask for more LOL.

My cousin goes out to the batting cages to hit the balls as hard as he can, imagining that each ball is someone he’s annoyed with.

My nephew draws pictures, and lets his frustration out in his drawings. I much prefer asking him what’s wrong, after he’s released some of his annoyance in art.

My friend goes shopping, then hands her husband the receipts with a grin. Her demons are gone, but his are just starting LOL.

There are a million ways to deal with stress, annoyances and irritating people. But I still think they should allow mental health days where you can crawl into bed and just stay there for a few days. Or you could become a hermit hehehee. In the end the choice is yours, but I know this, it sure is fun to find the perfect method of stress relief for you.

Stay sane,



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Great post. My method to combat insanity is to hide in a book. It helps so much. lol


5:31 pm  

Dancing does it for me. I don't care if I have anyone to dance with, I am out there on that floor with my friends (men and women) and we get into a circle and we dance!!!! And we're not talking young people here, but our group starts at 50 into the 70's. We're not talking foxtrot....heck no. One of our favorite songs to dance to is Don'tcha by the PussyCat Dolls. A night out dancing and I am good to go the next day!

7:19 pm  

lol everyone has their own way an their all right.


1:14 am  

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