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Is There a Writer in Your House?

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I hope this post finds you well.

The month of November is more than a the traditional Thanksgiving holiday.
If you have writer in your house it's also: National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo

Last year was my first year to take on the NaNo challenge. I went in going at whatever speed I was comfortable and deliberately not pushing for the 50,000 word count for the month. (Which equals out to be around 220 pages or so.)

This year was different.
What changed my mind?
A cheap kitchen timer.

I used that old timer and set it for 30 minutes to see how close I could get to the designated daily word count.
Minimum is 1667 or roughly 7 pages a day.
Three times I set the timer and each pass my word count got higher or stayed the same at the end of an hour and a half I proved I could do the 1667 words.

When Nov. 1 arrived I had marked off my plot points, had my main character and secondary characters sketched out.

BUT, when I put my butt in the chair the story took off and I only used half of what I'd written down. I kept going with the flow and scribbled the new stuff down.

No, I did not make my pages in an hour and half. It took me HOURS to get those damn pages done but I did do it.

I also wrote in a genre I've never written in before: Young Adult.

I'm thrilled myYA Paranormal is finished and isn't crappy. I like it. A lot.

Making myself do NaNo was the boost I needed as writer.

If you haven't tried NaNoWriMo, please consider it. I now have more confidence and the assurance the projects I've got planned for next year will be on schedule.

I'm excited about what the new year will bring-contracts.

From Red Rose Publishing:
Coming January 15 Sanctuary Moon First Howl (Keelia Greer)
Coming Soon: Cowboy of the Night, an erotic romance time traveling vampire
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