Thursday, October 30, 2008

Freak out Time!

Okay, so 2 days to Nano, one day to Halloween and I'm soooooo not ready. The kids have no costumes, we haven't got pumpkins and I'm still not sure what story I'm going to do for nano. It doesn't help that the hubby is home for two days, makes it hard to get anything done in the writing department.

A month ago the kids wanted to be CSI's for halloween, and I had all the costume stuff ready to be made...then they changed their minds and now I don't know what to do. The stores are sadly low on costumes.

Anyway, onto more important matters...since I last blogged here we got a new car. A month of freakin' chaos, rental cars, bank screw ups and finally we have a car that will tow our Boler without killing the transmission. Woot! This means I'll be camping ALL summer next year! Okay, maybe not. Actually, the idea of camping is making be cringe. It's freakin' freezing out there!

Off to do the winter prep thing, plastic windows, redo weather a house down south....oh, no wait, can't afford that yet. Darn it.
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