Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Moon is in print

I really wanted to have a witty post for you all, but I just can't find peace and quiet in my house. My new writing space is in my dining room where the kids can constantly interrupt me asking for food and drinks and tv and anything they can think. They fight, kick, pinch, and drive me insane.

Instead I will share my happy news.

The first five Vampire Oracle stories have released in one print book!

Individually designed with blood and delivered with desperate hope for truth, the Vampire Oracle Cards guide the lives of five unforgettable immortals by catapulting them into a quest for love.

The fate of a vampire’s heart…

Accept a fate woven by another or fight it and miss out on the love of a lifetime...

Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language, violence, and graphic sex.

Publisher Note: This print volume is also available as five ebook novellas:
The Moon by Michelle Hasker
Birth by Diana Bold
Innocence by Lia Morgan
Life by A.L. Debran
Hunger by Sophie Athens
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