Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Benefits of Online Classes and Conferences

Hi everyone,

I love teaching online classes and taking them.

In fact, shortly I'll be teaching an online class as well as going to an online conference and take a class I just signed up for.
I've never done so much in one week like this so we'll see if I can handle it.

What I'm doing is making folders in My Documents for the conference and the class, that way I can easily save handout/information for easy retrieval.

I have a separate folder for the classes I teach and books close by in case a student needs a more indepth answer.

Do I get quality information and teaching when I take online courses? Yes.

There are many benefits of taking an online class. You save on gas and the frustration of driving in traffic. You can log in the class when the kids are asleep or staying all night at a friends etc., You can take the class wearing your comfy pajamas.

I've had students from other countries take my class and I love it when that happens. These students bring experiences and points of view I may never have had the honor of being exposed to.

Here's my teaching schedule:
Celtic Knot work Weaving Together Characterization and Plotting
RWA- Romace Writers of America ESPAN chapter October 13-17, 2008
RWA Outreach Chapter November 3-14, 2008
RWA Carolina Chapter February, first two weeks

Have you taken any online classes? Take the plunge. It's fun, inexpensive and you'll make new writing friends and learn more about the craft of writing.

Tambra Kendall
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