Thursday, September 25, 2008

That time again

And no, I don't mean my day to blog here. It's fall, which means tons of things going on to interrupt writing time. Thanksgiving, Christmas planning (yes, I try to get it done early, but it usually ends up happening mid December) Halloween costumes to make, school schedules to adjust to, NANO (which isn't really a hinderance to writing, but more of an event to survive) Kinda makes me long for the lazy days of summer.

So, yet again I have no clue what to write about. I could say I've been teaching myself guitar while teaching my daughter...that's fun and frustrating. I've learned I have smaller hands than I thought, but unlike all the other times I tried and failed to stick to it, this time I'm determined. It's sort of like an early new years resolution.

Or I could mention that my kids want to be CSIs this year for halloween. So I have to make them vests and badges and candy bags that look like a crime scene kit. Maybe we can set up our front yard to look like a crime scene this year. We usually do something big in the yard. Anyone else having to start thinking about this whole costume thing?

Other than that, there isn't much to say. My life is very quiet. Too Quiet...*looks around suspiciously* Well that'll change come christmas when my four year old son gets his drum set. He's already got a set of small drum sticks (made from regular ones that we cut off and rounded the backs on to make them look like the real deal)

Oh, and if anyone is in need of procrastination brother and his friends made a webshow.... check it out if you find yourself needing to avoid your WIP.
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