Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Things that make me write

I got a rejection a few weeks ago that knocked me for six. I love the story, the two leads are sparky, the plot is nicely convoluted (I do love me a twisty-turny story, LOL) and I thought it would be accepted. That didn't happen and it threw my ability to focus. I went to the place I'm sure we've all been after a rejection or a bad review: my writing is obviously crap so why am I bothering... blah, blah, yadda, yadda.

To prevent me from not writing I had a look at my wip list. It turned out I had a number of wips-in-waiting and some new ones that just popped out of nowhere. So I jumped between them, writing synopses here, brainstorming plots there, day dreaming scenes as I sorted out my cupboards. I added a thread to my forum at Coffeetime Romance so that I could write my word count in yet another place, LOL

I ended up writing and subbing a short story for an anthology in four days and I'm now enjoying my current wip Weaving Words. Well, I just discovered my baddy is based on Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse now (I wish my subconscious would warn me about these things!) so that should be fun.

I'm over my rejection and that story is out in the world again.

So... how do you find your focus when you hit a set back?

Oh and this I have to share. My new cover for 7% and Rising out with Samhain 27 November 2007. I love it.

posted by Kim Knox at 1:45 pm


What a beautiful cover Kim!!
That story rocks, they missed out when they passed on it. But then they seem to pass on a lot of good stories. Not sure what is up there. When you see quality dropping and really good intense reads rejected it makes you wonder.
At least it makes me wonder. I won't be sending there. Hehehe not unless you talk me into it.

4:10 pm  

I think I might... in the end. *grin*

9:52 am  

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