Thursday, July 31, 2008


I don't know what I was thinking when I told myself I'd be able to buckle down and write a lot once summer started! So far there hasn't been anything written or much time to even think about writing between camping, swimming, geocaching and who knows what else. I finally got around to redoing the websites for my self and the group, though they need some jazzing. I'll have to go hunting for ideas.

This week, I'm in Haliburton, taking a workshop on Travel Writing. Weird, I know. My mum called me and said she was worried I was becoming a hermit, so would I like to take a workshop. The choices were Belly Dancing, Travel Writing, Chainsaw Sculpture, or a quilting thing. I chose the writing one. Actually the conversation went something like this....

Mum: You need to get out of the house. I'll sign you up for a workshop.

Me: Uh....

Mum: Great! Travel Writing it is. *click*

Every spring I get the course catalogue for the Haliburton School of the Arts, and never manage to actually take any workshops, so I'm pretty excited. A few years ago I took a black and white photography class, and it was awesome. I'm only bummed that the Fiction Writers Boot Camp one happened to be during the same time as our annual camping trip with high school friends.

And the other cool thing is, I'll be free to play on my parent's Wii every night! Erm, I mean, I'll have someone to watch the kids while I write...yeah, that's what I meant.
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