Monday, April 21, 2008

one voice does matter

Yeah, I'm so boring I'm going to tell you to go vote. BUT I'm going to tie it in with something writing related :)

We hear this all the time, votes add up. Just because you are only one vote doesn't mean you won't make a difference. After last year when everyone I voted for lost in the area it was one of those times when I said, "WHY AM I VOTING? It obviously doesn't matter."

I'm going to vote again this year. Even if my candidates lose. Why? My voice, my opinion, my vote does count. As a writer I have sometimes received emails from fans. I love when someone writes to me and says, "You wrote that so well. So many authors write this topic but you did it realistically." My sales on the book weren't astronomical. In fact there weren't as high as my last book. I'd gotten depressed. That one voice. That one opinion - I heard it. In several cases, a comment made a huge difference to me. One time it pushed me to challenge myself and see what outrageous things I could come up with. I am not in this for the money, although it would be nice to earn a living writing. I write for the joy of it. Does that mean I don't care if readers pass illegal copies of my stories around? I do care. I can't continue to write if I don't make enough to cover my expenses. My husband will make me quit, and the IRS will hound me :)

I bet you all know what I mean. If you've ever had a really lousy day - week - month - year. There is usually that one person who gets you, who understands, who helps you.

I'd like to see everyone go out and vote, but I also want to let the readers know that your one voice - one opinion - of our story, could be the reason a tired, out of money writer doesn't stop - doesn't quit. Every person counts. I cherish each and every email I received. Thank you all for being brave enough to share with me, and I hope that you all find my stories brighten your day even a little.

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