Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

I am so not a promo queen. I am so bad, I’m not even gonna talk much about my writing. I’m gonna talk about last night.

Last night Earth Hour was scheduled for 8pm-9pm local time (whatever your locale). It was a time where everyone was encouraged to shut off their lights for an hour, go back to candle light power, and conserve energy. This was in an effort to show the concern people of the world have for the Global Warming Crisis.

Now, they know that one hour in one day isn’t going to make much of a difference in the long run. That was not the point. The point was for people to get together, to show what they consider important. To do something that demonstrates to the world leaders that they feel something needs to be done about the climate crisis.

One of the tips encouraged us to unplug all our appliances, etc. I did. I went downstairs and unplugged the Stereo with the blinking clock that has been blinking for 6 months, that we have used once in that six month period. I am using that electricity – why? It is easy to plug in again when we need it. I unplugged the power strips downstairs that we haven’t been using, I unplugged the electronics in the guest room that no one is going to need for the next three months. These are all little things that we don’t think about. My hubby won’t use his laptop for days on end, why leave it plugged in, sucking energy it does not need?

How many of us did it? I did. I sat here at home, alone, with all the lights out. Flickering candles glowing around me as I contemplated things. Now, I will be honest, I had my laptop on. I did NOT have it plugged in, however, it was on battery power. (I am in the middle of edits and needed to work on them). So I did do some work.

See, now we get to writing. Sitting there contemplating things, and then talking to my crit partner about it, I had an AWESOME idea. But I can’t tell anyone about it yet. It’s not fully formed. I need to flow with it some. BUT I thought that an awesome thing. When you shut off all the lights in the house, and only have a couple candles around you, flickering, no sounds, no people, nothing, it can be an incredibly recharging time. I am so excited about this idea I have been working on it all morning. (Instead of the edits I need to finish).

I think I am gonna make an effort to do that more in the future. Even if it isn’t in the middle of the night. Just sit down, with no one around, nothing to distract me, and just contemplate stuff. See where my mind wanders, and what else I can come up with.
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