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Toss of a Coin
Mainstream Holiday Historical / Time Travel
ISBN: 978-1-60435-101-9
Word Count: 12,468
Price: $1.99

Blurb: A grandmother’s last request, a mysterious old coin, and a heartfelt wish.

Armed with a mysterious package, Angelica travels to Scotland to fulfill the requirements of her grandmother’s will. The package contains an ancient coin and a letter telling her to make one wish.

Angelica’s wish for true love sends her back in time and into the arms of a man who could make all of her dreams come true – if she’ll let him.

Duncan woke, the sun shining in his eyes. The fact that the sun touched his face meant his servants had disobeyed a standing order of not entering his bedchamber without consent. They knew better, he’d made it perfectly clear in the past to never disturb him until he called for them.

His mood lightened when he realized his Angel was wrapped around his body, cuddling as close as she could, while the blankets covering her were all but stripped away from her body. Lord, she looked beautiful laying there, the sunlight glinting off her copper colored tresses. He knew it had never before been done; but he was never letting this woman go. Once he learned of her past, he was going to find a way to make her his Duchess.

Moving away just an inch, he smiled when she cuddled closer; closing the gap he’d created between them. Her hand, which rested over his heart slid lower when she moved, causing him to harden instantly. The temptation to take her again washed over him, he needed to find out who she was and where she came from.

Soft caresses along her skin evoked a lusty, low moan in Angelica. A soft, cool breeze against her skin had her cuddling closer to the warmth she felt right beside her, eliciting a groan of desire in return. Her body stilled its movements as her eyes snapped open. “Who’s there?”

“Ah my Angel, glad to see you’re finally awake. I’ve been attempting to entice you to open your beautiful emerald eyes for an hour now. You’ve been quite stubborn and may I add I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.”

“You mean this isn’t a dream?” She asked, stunned.

“You are most definitely my dream come true, Angel.”

“I… I have to go.” She cried, pulling the blanket up to her breasts trying to cover herself as she slowly scooted away from him as far as she could on the bed. “What have I done?”

“Go? Go where? I forbid it. You promised me answers this morning, my Angel, and I intend to collect them.” The determined scowl on his face propelled her out of bed with the sheet wrapped tightly around her.

“Answers? What kind of answers? I don’t know anything. I don’t even know how I got here.” Angelica felt panic rising uncontrollably within her. A full-blown panic attack just waiting to be set free. Where were her clothes?
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