Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tina's Rant this Week

I realize I don't have many releases coming up, so I don't have much to promo right now, so I thought I would do a little bit of rambling instead. I also have this same thing up on my personal writing blog, so if this is a reread for you, I apologize.

Okay, I am not a small woman, I really never have been. I am also short. So be it. I live with it, I embrace who I am, I love who I am, even if I will never be America's Next Top Model. (Which is fine, to be honest, who needs the drama? :) )

I love to dress my heroines in fancy dresses that I could never afford, or would never have a place to wear, or can never find in my size and height. One of my writing partners once told me she loved the dresses I "designed" for my heroines, and that made me feel good, because I often spend a lot of time looking for ideas and then mixing and matching to have them be what I want.

My heroines are slim, chubby, plus sized. Short, tall. Blonde, dark haired. I don't have a type. (although my crit partner says I lean toward chubby/plus sized, and that's okay with me.) So I try to dress them accordingly to size and temperament of each woman. (I am not gonna dress a self conscious plus sized woman in a dress that reveals more than it covers) So sometimes that means looking for things.

I have come to love the fact that so many places have adopted the idea that plus sized women are women, too, and that they should have beautiful dresses for proms and weddings, special occasions and the like. BUT If you are going to advertise yourself as a place for Plus Sized clothing, a place that has only "Fashion for sizes 14W-34W" then your freaking ass models should be AT LEAST a size 14. Seeing a skinny ass bimbo that looks good in a freaking gunny sack wearing an outfit that will look horrendous on most plus sized women is ridiculous. How the hell can I tell how my heroine's size 20 body with DD breasts is gonna look in that low cut thing when the model doesn't even have BOOBS!!!!!!.

Lane Bryant got in trouble for doing this years ago. At least now most of their models are about a size 14. That at least is something. But dammit, can't these other sites learn from them? WTF!!! You know, even if I become rich enough to be able to buy whatever I want, there are certain places I will NEVER go to, or catalogs I would never buy from because of this very reason.

My new favorite site for clothes IGIGI They have REAL plus sized women in their catalog. Women that have curves and bumps and everything, and still they show them sexy. I am in love. Hell, even if I am not crazy about every single outfit they have, or every single article they have, the point is they present women REALISTICALLY. And they have articles describing shape, clothing styles, self - esteem, etc. Kudos to them!!!!!! And THIS site doesn't seem to be too bad either. They mostly have forms, or no model at all. You can't how the clothes look on a plus sized woman, but at least(with a couple exceptions) you aren't forced to look at someone the size of your freaking thigh wearing the entire dress.

Anyone else know of any other sites?
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