Sunday, July 06, 2008

Songs for inspiration

A good beat can move me to be inspired. (A fact that took my husband a while to understand, but now he will say hey - listen to that beat :) *old dogs can learn new tricks ;)

What kind of music moves you? Mine depends on where I am in a story and what kind of scene I am working on. I usually make one playlist for a story and then I have a separate playlist for when my writing gets hot and heavy.

It's always sad when my CP's don't like the same music I do, but my kids enjoy it. Why? I usually have the latest song downloaded before they can ask me to get it LOL. I'm the cool mom. The one who listens to the good music and plays LOL

Sometimes we break into song and dance and the kids gather around me while I'm trying to write.

One time I turn off the music? When I'm editing. That's a whole different ballgame. Silence and a day without my kids is what I need for editing.

How about you?

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