Friday, June 06, 2008

Inspiration and imagination

As a writer many things inspire me.

Here are a few:

Watching a man hold his tiny baby with a look of wonder on his face.
A toddler throwing his arms around his Mom's neck and giving her a sweet, sloppy kiss.
Puppies at play.
Kittens asleep on the floor with a sunbeam highlighting their little fuzzy body.
Children's laughter.
A devastatingly handsome man with abs that are begging to be touched, among other things.

All these things and more can instantly spark an idea for a writer or help with a troublesome scene .

When I speak to writer's groups or schools, almost every time I'm asked where writers get their ideas.
My answer: everywhere.
Then I explain it's all in how you look at things around you. A writer has trained their mind to always be alert for any gem tossed their way.

Conversations and people watching are two other ways, we can evilly glean information. A gesture, tone of voice, a sentence, the way someone is dressed--all are fodder for the writer.

One thing writers do not do is write characters based on family members and close friends. This is dangerous.
I'll let you stop and think about the many ways something like this can cause damage.

There's a shirt I need to buy that says something like: Make me mad and you'll end up in my novel.

Writing in itself is inspiring. It gives me the chance to help make someone smile with my work or make them sigh with pleasure. My goal is to have readers think enough of my work as keepers for their shelves, that my imagination and inspiration have made their lives better.
Lightening their stress load by having the chance to laugh or live through the adventures of my time traveling heroine.

Inspiration and imagination are powerful for both writer and reader.

All my best,
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Goin' Down Anthology Book 2
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