Thursday, July 03, 2008

Coffee and Chocolate

Coffee and chocolate. These are my two mainstays. These work for me and here's why.

A recent study showed people who had a cup of coffee before exercising stayed with the program and finished compared to those who did not.

I have to watch my caffeine intake now, but still, I love my coffee.

Since I get migraines, I pull out the coffee maker and grinder when I feel one coming on.
Yes, I know my migraine meds have caffeine in it already, but many times making a pot of coffee and taking the meds will stop the headache or keep it from getting worse.

A cup of coffee will work if you're having an asthma attack. I know this from personal experience.
Inhaler, sip the coffee. This works because the caffeine helps open the bronchial passages.

Be sure and talk to your doctor if you want to try any of this. My doctor knows and says as long as it works, it's okay to keep doing this.

Dark chocolate is my reward for whatever I decide. Chocolate just makes you feel good and when I feel good I write better.

Chocolate coffee, oh yeah!

Simple pleasures that make life a little more enjoyable. The only other thing--you could add reading a Tambra Kendall title, while drinking a cup of chocolate coffee.

My newest release comes out in two weeks. Goin' Down Anthology book two from Aspen Mountain Press will be released July 18, 2008.
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Until next month!
Tambra Kendall

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