Monday, October 15, 2007

Mountain Rendezous reviewed!

MOUNTAIN RENDEZVOUS is a fun, edgy tale of a mysterious female vampire and a cop who seeks her out as part of a murder investigation and is drawn into her sensual, dangerous web. As a vampire, Meredith Foxxe doesn’t learn to trust easily. Add to this the fact that she found out her husband was a serial killer and had to kill him before he murdered her sister. Trust issues? Most definitely! So when FBI Special Agent Slade Jackson comes knocking on her door looking for her husband “The Slasher,” her instincts say run, but her body can’t help but stand up and take notice of Slade’s hot body and sexy demeanor. Her goal is to stay far away from this man and shut down the palpable sexual attraction she feels, but sometimes failure can feel so good…

This is a novella full of zest and sensuality, and a lot of excitement too. After reading the first love scene, which had my pulse racing, I knew there was going to be lot of hot and heavy love scenes between Meredith and Slade, and I was down with that. However, the author did not disappoint in her writing of the rest of story. There is plenty of tension and excitement in the pages of MOUNTAIN RENDEZVOUS to keep thrill—junkies entertained.

I noticed that the settings and scenes in this story were well written and detailed so as to feel familiar to any reader, and I liked this realistic touch. The author also keeps the reader so wrapped up in delicious ribbons of sexual excitement that when you are suddenly confronted with the antagonist of the story, you are almost startled by the turn of the plot, but in a good way. The plot’s twists and turns really test the skill of the author’s writing, and Ms. Hasker holds her own in this aspect. The characters develop well, the conflict is entertaining as it evolves and the thrilling love scenes are truly cold—shower inducing! I definitely recommend MOUNTAIN RENDEZVOUS to fans of the vampire genre and anyone looking for a spicy, sensual read.

AND as demanded by a fellow daughter! Hunk for today:

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Nice review, Michelle!

And I need better glasses. What is he tugging on exactly...?


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I ain't telling
AND thanks! :)

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Naughty minded Kim, That's the saddle bow LOL


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