Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What am I watching right now...?

Mainly for... *cough*... inspiration this has been my favourite little clip to help me get into into the sarcastic, witty - and all right - insane... nature of a lot of my heroes

I know Michelle will like this one, hehe

So... who inspires you?


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Well I guess that means I need to watch the third year episodes of Dr. Who, don't I? I haven't watched any -well, I did see Utopia, needless to say, I was confused. (We are a year behind you, I believe)

6:23 am  

Series 4 starts here in March. But there is the Christmas special *squeeee*

You could just watch The Sound of Drums for the interaction of the Master and the Doctor... oh those homoerotic undertones, don't you just love them, hehe


4:51 pm  

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