Saturday, October 06, 2007


Ok first things first ;)

Today I popped in on the Vampire Oracle Blog and left my mark. Again. First chocolate, now a name generator....hehehe I'm evil.

Anyway please go on over there and leave me a comment. I love comments. It gives me something to do other than write ;)

Okay. Now to my post.

Writing for fun versus writing for a job. I'd love to make a living at writing, just to rationalize spending all this time writing. But I'd write even if I didn't see a dime from it all. TO help keep me inspired when I get writers block and when I get in a funk, I look for inspiration. The name generator inspired me. So does something else:

What inspires you?

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5:57 pm  

Yes, that Colonel is gracing a few of my blogs at the minute. There's an Atlantis Fest running on Sky One, so I'm feeling very inspired right now... *grin*


5:59 pm  

oooh YUM.

12:51 am  

I lub you *drool* I'm gonna plaster him all over my mum's computer Mwahahahahahaha

3:32 am  

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