Friday, September 28, 2007

So It's been a roller coaster of a week

This past week has been a roller coasterr ride adventure.

2 of my books were added onto Fictionwise and 1 of them (The Prophecy) Skyrocketted to the top of the mainstream charts.Check it out:

Fictionwise Best Seller List It's # 5 here.

All Short Stories Best Seller List It's # 1 here.

Then I sold 2 more books. LOL

The first to Aspen Mountain Press Called Del Fantasma: Black Dragon

Blurb: What is an assassin to do when she finds herself protecting her mark instead of killing him? She sends him to Del Fantasma, where she hopes her old friend Cody will take care of him until she can resolve the mess she’d gotten herself into.

Will her Vampiric abilities be enough to keep Remi Dragonsblood alive? Or will the dragon shifter’s seductive charm get them both killed?

And the 2nd to Red Rose Publications called Bare Bones

Blurb: On the run from the Lycan who turned him during the full moon on All Hallows Eve, Christian Clarke isn't happy when he finds Joanna wandering through the woods searching for him. His inner wolf refuses to leave her side, yet his inner man wishes to keep her at arm’s length for fear that he won't be able to control his inner demons.

Hearing her whispered profession of love, he reveals himself. Can he keep her safe from the pack that hunts him? Will Joanna love the beast he's become?

I'll be posting excerpts on my blog soon. Hope you're all having a amazing day.

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