Saturday, February 02, 2008

My turn *bounces

Okay, I had a release yesterday AND it's my turn to talk LOL

Um I dunno what about LOL

Okay last night I was looking for something in my blog (a yummy pic of The Master that Kim made for me) and noticed that I'd missed comments on my Fantasm finalist blog. Hehehehe Caridad must google her name and found herself on my blog. Best of all? She commented.

Dawn is Texas author of the month. There is a link for the myspace blog somewhere hopefully she will be kind enough to post it in the comments.

I'm thrilled to keep selling stories to Changeling. I have two series there and will be participating in three others. They are just soooo much fun over there. LOL

I made it onto the author drop down menu at WCPT - cause one of you mentioned I wasn't on it. I am now ;)

I love to talk so I made my own yahoo group :

Um and I'm tired. The kids were all sick this past week so I'm off to catch up writing and reading.

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